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Eradi-Fly Makes a 'Massive Positive Impact' on Less Flies Testimonial

Written by: Brad Hauter May 2022

Many, many thanks Eradi-Fly!!! You’ve made a massive positive impact on the Coop Dreams Farm. It feels like fly season just ended but we find ourselves… Time flies (Sorry).

We first began using Eradi-Fly about a year ago for a couple of reasons: 1) The prebiotic and probiotic aspect is a big thing for us. Just like soil health is critical for crops, gut health is critical for animals and we are so grateful for this aspect of the product. 2) Fly control is ALWAYS a major issue on farms, for comfort as well as disease control. Since we began using Eradi-Fly we have witnessed a noticeable decrease in the fly population on the farm.

Lastly – They sure seem to like the taste and that is a big plus in adding anything to our livestock’s diet.

Keep doing great work and thanks for turning us on to Eradi-Fly!

- Brad Hauter from Coop Dreams


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