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Less Flies Made Easy®

  • How does it work?
    Step 1: BELSTRA ERADI-FLY® PRO+ w/ClariFly® is ingested with the cattle’s, swine's or equine's feed. The animal disperses BELSTRA ERADI-FLY® PRO+ w/ClariFly® in their manure. Step 2: Female flies leave the animal for a few seconds to lay eggs in fresh manure or other organic waste. Step 3: BELSTRA ERADI-FLY® PRO+ w/ClariFly® breaks the life cycle here, preventing pupae from molting into adults. Step 4: Eggs will hatch into larvae that will feed and attempt to undergo 3 larval instars. BELSTRA ERADI-FLY® PRO+ w/ClariFly® breaks the life cycle by not allowing the larvae to successfully molt from one instar to the next. Use this product as part of an integrated pest management program aimed at reducing fly populations.
  • How much do I feed my animal?
    Refer to the feeding and management instructions found on the label. Feeding portions vary by weight and species.
  • When do I start use?
    Start feeding before flies apppear and continue use until cold weather marks the end of the fly season.
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