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Enter to Win A Year Supply of ERADI-FLY in the Proof is in the Pudding Giveaway! 
Multiple winners will be selected!  To get started, complete the form below.   After you complete the entry form, we'll follow up later to ask you to send us a before and after ERADI-FLY picture with you and your animal(s) to complete your entry for a chance to win.  The proof is in the pudding with ERADI-FLY.  
Must own cattle, swine, and/or equine and be 18 or older to participate.
1. What product(s) do you use for fly control?
2. What fly factor(s) made you look into fly control (select 1 or more)?
3. Which animal species do you have (select 1 or more)?
4. How many total cattle, swine or equine do you have?
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