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Less Flies Made Easy®


ERADI-FLY® is a top-dress feed supplement that prevents the emergence of house flies, stable flies, face flies, and horn flies from developing in and emerging from manure of treated cattle and house flies and stable flies from manure of treated swine, equine, sheep or goats. Unlike conventional insecticides that attack the nervous system of insects, ERADI-FLY® works by interrupting the fly’s life cycle, rather than through direct toxicity. When top-dressed, ERADI-FLY® passes through the digestive system and into the manure. With only very small concentrations, it is able to disrupt the normal molting process of the fly larvae. The mode of action is specific to insects. It disrupts the production of a substance called chitin, which is a key component of an insect’s exoskeleton that is NOT found in mammals. Without a properly formed exoskeleton, the immature fly cannot survive to adulthood.


​WHY "PRO+"?

PRO+ contains Chr. Hansen Multi Species Probiotic, which is a science-based research-proven product that is ideal for use in a variety of species.  It improves digestive functions and stability, increases availability of nutrients from feed and improves rate and efficiency of gain.


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Ask for BELSTRA ERADI-FLY® PRO+ w/ClariFly®, a 3-in-1 top-dress to help of labeled rid flies while supporting health with a prebiotic and probiotic.

Product Sizes:
Small Bag - 25 lb
Large Bag - 50 lb


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